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Day Two:

LiLiLi is Creole for “Read Read Read”

An American woman named Michelle Karshan has started a program in which they train Haitians for paid jobs going from camp to camp reading to children in a very animated way in much the same fashion as story hour at an American public library. Only these kids have never been read to before. It gives them something to look forward to each week or in some cases twice a week. It is amazing to see the response of the communities as the readers go into them.

I was at a very poor unfunded IDP camp called Marche Tet Bef near the slums of downtown Port au Prince with LiLiLi and the kids and parents just ate it up. A simple story but such a great idea! More information at:

Anide’s story:

Anide is a student in the 12th grade and lives in a tent in an IDP camp with her 2 cousins and 3 nieces and nephews. More to come on her story.

Anide’s nephew Peterson and his little sister.

Adopting Watson

Day Two:

A woman digs a ditch near her tent in Petionville Country Club IDP Camp aka. “Sean Penn’s Camp” in anticipation of more rain. Rain and mud are becoming a problem now that Haiti is coming in to its rainy season and hurricane season.

Day One:

A family in an IDP Camp Corail on the outskirts of Port Au Prince. This family consists of a single mom who has eight children, the youngest of which is sick. Names are in my notes. Notes are not here with me at the cyber cafe.

Watching the World cup from IDP Camp Corail on the outskirts of Port Au Prince. Many of the residents of the camp have been relocated here from the Petionville Country Club IDP Camp aka. “Sean Penn’s Camp” IDP camp.

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June 30, 2010 at 4:12 pm

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