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Haiti: 6 months later: Anide Goes to School

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Anide Fleureme 24, is a school girl attempting to graduate from 12th grade at Ecole Centre Educatif-Luis Josephe Jamlien this year. She lives with her 2 cousins, 3 nieces and a nephew in a tent in a camp in the Delmas neighborhood of Port Au Prince. Haiti.  They used to live in a one bedroom home with a living room, but the home was damaged beyond repair in the earthquake so now they are IDP (Internally displaced people.)

Being older than what Americans consider standard school age is common in Haiti as school fees, work and family obligations often mean delaying opportunities to complete high school. In the wake of the earthquake, this is even more true. Many families are lacking basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Students’ families have been displaced far from where they used to live and far from the location of the school where the students previously attended. As a result, in many cases, making the commute and paying the school fees is impossible right now and education falls further down the priority list for many Haitians.

Anide is one of the fortunate ones who is back in school. She was in school during the earthquake but managed to escape. The building is beyond repair. However, the school is now reopened under a tarp just a few lots away from the original building location. Anide lives in a tent camp within walking distance from her school and is currently able to attend. Just like students all over the world, every morning she gets up, studies, gets into her school uniform and heads to school. For her this means getting up and dressed in the tight quarters of a tent camp where she shares a tent with her 2 cousins and 4 nieces and nephews. After school she heads home and studies in the tent surrounded by the distractions that come with living in close quarters with many people and especially with children.

Anide likes her studies and when asked about her favorite subjects, she says accounting. She hopes that when she finishes high school she could go to college, but she says, “The country is broken right now so I don’t know what will happen.”

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July 26, 2010 at 3:14 pm

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