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Belfast Murals, West Belfast, Northern Ireland » 20110100_jbl_Ireland_292

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Murals represent the political views, memorials for those lost in the battle between Catholics and Protestants in the age old battle for Northern Ireland on both the Catholic and Protestant sides of West Belfast and other politically related scenes from Belfast.

Belfast, Northern Ireland. January 2011.//

Black taxis take tourists around predominantly working class West Belfast to see the famous wall murals painted by both the Nationalists who are Catholics in favor of a United Ireland and the Unionists who are Protestants and in favor of northern Ireland remaining a part of Great Britain. This is one of the murals on the Protestant side representing a memorial for UDA and UFF, splinter groups of the protestant UVF gunned down by members of a terrorist opposition group. These memorial murals are common on both sides of the wall which divides Catholic and Protestant west Belfast much like the berlin wall once divided East and West Berlin.

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