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Belfast Murals, West Belfast, Northern Ireland » 20110100_jbl_Ireland_428

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Murals represent the political views, memorials for those lost in the battle between Catholics and Protestants in the age old battle for Northern Ireland on both the Catholic and Protestant sides of West Belfast and other politically related scenes from Belfast.

Belfast, Northern Ireland. January 2011.

Catholic murals on the Catholic side of West Belfast. A wall divides Catholic and Protestant West Belfast much like the Berlin wall once divided East and West Berlin. There are gates in between which are opened and closed depending on the political climate. Something as simple as a soccer game between a predominantly Catholic city and a predominant Protestant city is reason enough to close the gates. This mural, The Usual Suspects claims that there was a collusion and cover ups made by the State giving Unionist terrorist organizations a free pass while coming down hard on the Republicans.

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