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Bay to Breakers 2009

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Sometimes active  participation trumps the sideline role of being a photographer. 90% of the time the camera defines me and my role in life. I participate with a piece of glass between myself and what is happening around me. It is how I process what is happening. It’s a vicarious view of life.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the camera home. It’s okay, your camera skills will not disappear into thin air overnight, you may miss a picture but there are an infinite number more for you to make in the future, and what if you actually have fun without it?

And so it was as I grabbed only my point and shoot and walked the 98th annual Bay to Breakers 12K foot race with the Hash House Harriers, a “Drinking Group with a Running Problem” (Also see post on the 2008 SF Red Dress Run). Our theme was “Pink Slips” in honor of the current economic situation.



Click here to see some of my snapshots of my Hash friends and myself on Shutterfly.

As a participant, I actually made the paper. When I told some people I was “in the Chronicle,” they said, “Oh you mean you have a photo that ran in the Chronicle?” (The logical assumption.) No, I myself was photographed for the Chronicle. It figures, on the rare occasion I am scantily clad…in a pink (and black) slip, without camera in hand, I end up on the other side of the lens! Thumbnail courtesy of Brant Ward/The San Francisco Chronicle.


Click thumbnail to see the Chronicle coverage of the 2009 Bay to Breakers

Written by Jessica Brandi Lifland

May 18, 2009 at 12:29 pm

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